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Prodotto n.: 69753

Kit Die Wimshurst-Maschine

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Descrizione prodotto

The classic high-voltage generator as a fully functional cardboard kit. For a long time, Wimshurst machines, invented around 1880, were the only reliable high-voltage sources required for X-ray machines, among other things. Today they are artfully restored in museums such as the Mathematical-Physical Salon in the Dresden Zwinger and some in school collections, where they enable important experiments on electrical charges.

Electrifying machines of a similar design found their way into the fine salons 200 years ago, where society amused itself with experiments such as the "Electric Kiss": The gentleman who dared to kiss the charged lady was immediately hit.

Despite the up to 70,000 volts, accidental contact with this Wimshurst machine is not dangerous: the capacity of the two Leiden bottles, ie the capacitors, is dimensioned in such a way that the intensity of discharges remains well below the officially set limits. A highly exciting pleasure in the truest sense for everyone who always wanted to let it rip!

Scope of delivery:

  • Pre-cut and printed cardboard sheets for assembly: 12 x DIN A4
  • detailed assembly instructions
  • Extensive range of accessories such as hard PVC discs, aluminum tubes, braided braid, clamps, threaded rods, wooden balls and much more.

Dimensions of the finished machine: approx. 24 x 19 x 28.5 cm (W/D/H)


AstroMedia Kit Die Wimshurst-Maschine
AstroMedia Kit Die Wimshurst-Maschine

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