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Microscopi > Accessori Microscopia > Iluminazione > Lampade ad anello > StarLight Opto-Electronics > RL12 > StarLight Opto-Electronics RL12-10s WW, Spot, warm-weiß (3.000 K), Ø 66mm

RL12-10s WW, Spot, warm-weiß (3.000 K), Ø 66mm

disponibile in 1-2 settimane + Tempo di trasporto
Questo prodotto è disponibile nelle seguenti varianti:
$ 1.070,00
Verde (528 nm) $ 1.070,00
ambra (590nm) $ 1.070,00
bianco (4000 K) $ 970,00
bianco (3.500 K) $ 970,00
bianco puro (6500K) $ 970,00
blu (470nm) $ 1.070,00

Descrizione prodotto

LED ring lights

A round thing in many sizes

Mini LED ring lights RL1 and RL2

The RL1 and RL2 miniature LED ring lights are ideal for use where space is limited, due to their compact size. Nevertheless, these ring lights provide a lot of light, eg for camera applications or as lighting for production machines. Both series are available with two different nominal working distances, which is achieved by different LED installation angles.

LED ring lights RL4 and RL5

The series RL4 and RL5 are primarily designed as reflected-light illumination for microscopy. The working range of the ring lights is selected so that the focus is at the typical distance of the objective and the stage from standard microscopes. Both series are available with two inner diameters, so that the right model is available for all common microscope types.

Power LED ring light RL12

The RL12 power LED ring light offers enormous brightness thanks to the twelve 3W LEDs and is suitable for applications with increased light requirements, eg in conjunction with high-speed cameras. Thanks to five different variants with different geometries, the perfect lighting is available for both small and large working distances.

High Power LED ring light RL12

The extremely bright and variably deployable High Power LED ring light RL12 was developed for a variety of applications in microscopy, production and industrial image processing. The 12 high-quality power LEDs of the ring light, which are housed in a compact metal housing, have a long life and are characterized by a strong light intensity. The LED ring light RL12 is available in many variants, allowing each user to find the right lighting in terms of brightness, working distance, light color and optics. The modular design allows a factory exchange of the LED modules. With the help of extensive accessories, the ring light can also be adapted to individual needs and requirements. For example, there is a polarizing filter and various reducing rings to adjust the inside diameter, which allows the LED power ring light to be attached to many devices such as cameras or microscopes.

  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED technology
  • Very well-balanced brightness setting from 0% to 100% via practical table controller with memory function for saving the last brightness setting
  • Robust metal housing with high protection class
  • Noiseless and vibration-free thanks to passive cooling without fan


  • High Power LED ring light RL12
  • LED table controller TC-1000
  • operation manual

The connecting cable is permanently installed.

LED RinglichtRL12-10s

  • Robust aluminum housing in a modern design
  • Flicker-free light through optimized, low-loss electronics
  • Brightness adjustable from 0 - 100%
  • Enormous light intensity
  • Ideal for industry and machine vision
  • Homogeneous illumination throughout the work area
  • Variable clamping diameter, adaptable with reducing rings
  • Available in different light colors and color temperatures

Technical specifications

  • Photometric values: depending on the selected model, see below
  • Working distance 150 mm - 500 mm
  • Optimal working distance approx. 260 mm
  • Number of LEDs 12 × Power LED (Spot)
  • LED life 50,000 h (manufacturer)
  • Height 42 mm
  • Outer diameter 130 mm
  • Inside diameter 66 mm
  • Clamping diameter max. 66 mm
  • Internal thread M67 × 0.75
  • Material anodized aluminum
  • Color titanium and black
  • Weight ring light approx. 750 g
  • Input power supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Output power supply 24 V DC, 1 A
  • maximum power consumption approx. 15 W
  • Dimension control (L × W × H) 78 mm × 38 mm × 21 mm

Light color: warm white (3,500 K)



Tipo di pila
LED 12x (3W)


Distanza di lavoro (mm)
150 - 500 mm
Diametro dell'obiettivo (mm)


Diametro (mm)
bianco (3.500 K)
StarLight Opto-Electronics RL12-10s WW, Spot, warm-weiß (3.000 K), Ø 66mm
StarLight Opto-Electronics RL12-10s WW, Spot, warm-weiß (3.000 K), Ø 66mm
StarLight Opto-Electronics RL12-10s WW, Spot, warm-weiß (3.000 K), Ø 66mm

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