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Schweizer Lente d'ingrandimento retraibile Tech-Line 20x

Prodotto n.: 23335
Produttore: Schweizer

$ 47,90

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Pure innovation: the first magnifying glass with intuitive one-handed operation. The intelligent shape supports steady holding and makes for a perfect feel - a clear advantage at higher Vergrößerungenu nd at work where you only have one hand free.


Equipped with an aplanatic line system meets the precision folding magnifier tech highest optical demands! The here used silicate glass lenses are not only scratch resistant, but also excel by a very high sharpness and an extremely high contrast image. The version is low-reflection and impact resistant. The housing is coated with a special two-component paint, which is also resistant to scratching. Additionally, this coating is resistant to hand perspiration and nearly all chemicals and solvents.

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