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Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL

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Miss Wood Woody Map Fluor Edition: the World never sleeps!

Surely you've heard the famous sentence "The world never sleeps" at least once. Well, at Miss Wood, they wanted to make it real, so here it comes the new Woody Map Natural Fluor. Now you can enjoy your map during the day, and also be able to plan the next adventures in the dark. And, as if it was in real time when you go to sleep, you can check which cities are still awake around the world.

And you know what the best part is? A map so unique as the Woody Map Natural Fluor needed pins that were up to the task, and that's why they created them. All of our fluorescent maps come with 40 flags - 20 red and 20 green - also fluorescent. Just amazing!

A new decorating experience

Enjoy a unique experience with the fluorescent map. We know that you love travelling and remembering your trips by decorating your map... Imagine if all of your adventures could be still visible every time you turn off the light! Switch on your creativity and make your very own world shine! Characterized by the Miss Wood unmistakable minimal style and by a refined and elegant design, the new Woody Map Natural Fluor is ideal for decorating any spot of your place.

This fluorescent map offers you all the infinite possibilities of decoration of classic cork maps with an extra surprise... it glows in the dark! The youngest (but also the older ones) will be astonished to discover that when everyone goes to sleep, there are countries still awake around the world.

A different and original option to brighten up your home creating a cosy atmosphere, even at night :) The new Woody Map Natural Fluor, like all Miss Wood maps, is made with cork from sustainable forests. Produced in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​each piece is hand-printed and unique.


  • Made in Barcelona
  • Material: natural cork
  • Printed with fluorescent screen printing.
  • Sizes: L: 60 x 45 x 0.4 cm
  • XL: 90 x 60 x 0.4 cm
  • Includes 20 fluorescent green flags and 20 fluorescent red flags
  • Available with white frame
  • World Flags not included
  • Includes instructions to hang it
  • Includes nails to hang it. If the wall is very resistant, we recommend using some double-sided tape."
  • The luminescent paint charges in just 2 minutes and achieves maximum intensity during the first 10 minutes
  • Lasts up to 2 hours
  • More darkness, the better the result (the paint just glows, it doesn't illuminate)



Il mondo centrato sull'Europa
Larghezza (cm)
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Mappa design
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Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Fluor XL

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