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TS Optics motore messa a fuoco con pulsantiera per focheggiatore Crayford

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Produttore: TS Optics

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Focusing motor with control for sensitive motor focusing - perfect for astrophotography!

Focusing by hand is often a tedious task. As soon as you touch the telescope, a slight trembling begins and hardly makes a sensitive focus possible. Often it is just a lot more comfortable and relaxed when you only need to push two buttons and you can concentrate 100% on achieving the best possible sharpness.

The engine focus is the solution: two large buttons allow you to change direction and with the rotary switch you can set the speed. As a result, then an extremely sensitive focus is possible.

The installation of the focusing motor is very simple. Simply place the included timing belt around the motor and focusing wheel pulley, screw on the spacer - ready!

The maximum focusing speed (measured at the focuser) is 5 millimeters per minute. The pull-out allows manual adjustment despite mounted motor (slip clutch)

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