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TS Optics Oculare Reversed Kellner 3,6mm 1,25"

Prodotto n.: 62401
Produttore: TS Optics

$ 40,90

IVA incl.

Consegna entro Natale, ordinando entro le ore 12 del 17/12!
Restituzione possibile fino al 31.1.22!


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Descrizione prodotto:

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This eyepiece is a real insider tip when it comes to planetary observation or double stargazing with high magnification. The view is much more pleasant than with a Plössl eyepiece with a similar focal length. Even beginners will have no problems to overlook the field of vision. Nevertheless, the eyepiece comes out with only three lenses. The contrast and the image brightness are correspondingly good.

Revised Kellner eyepieces are an evolution of the classic waiter. Field sharpness is better than that of Kellner eyepieces. Also, the insight is very pleasant with RK eyepieces.

RCs are a good choice for star friends who are looking for a cheap and versatile eyepiece. The pleasant look makes RK eyepieces a recommendation especially for beginners. The RC is also well suited for centering and tracking.

The RK eyepiece has a rubber eyecup, which prevents the ingress of stray light. For spectacle wearers it can be folded down.

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Restituzione possibile fino al 31.1.22!

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