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Moravian Ruota portafiltri per camera CCD G2 - 10x filtro senza montatura 36 mm

Prodotto n.: 50283
Produttore: Moravian

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Moravian CCD EFW-2S-10 filter wheel for G2 series cameras

The wheel takes ten unfiltered filters of 36 millimeters and is compatible with the Moravian Off-Axis Guider, which makes it perfect for LRGB and narrow-band recordings.

Many astrophotographers prefer a system with all filter combinations. This usually consists of 3x narrowband ([O III], H-alpha, [S II]) as well as LRGB filters. In this filter wheel you have the possibility to add 3 additional filters. Due to the no longer necessary manual filter replacement, the combination is very well suited for remote operation.

Problem-free adaptation: The camera and the filter wheel together are extremely short-lived. The entire back focus is only 33.5 mm from the camera sensor to the front outer edge of the filter wheel housing.

The power supply and control of the filter wheel is done via an RJ45 plug from the camera.

The filter wheel itself is screwed directly to the camera. The back focus is still sufficient to be able to use telephoto lenses with the EOS EF adapter. This allows them to work with the high-quality lenses.

Necessary software: The filter wheel can be controlled with the included software SIPS or with the drivers for MaximDL or AstroArt.

Please note: When ordering a filter wheel, please provide us with the camera model and serial number.

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