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Explore Scientific Correttore di coma HR 2
Explore Scientific Correttore di coma HR 2
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Explore Scientific Coma Corrector is a class of its own: it is also fully usable visually, and increases the focal length by only 6%.

The Explore Scientific Coma Correktor comes complete with a helical Feinfokussierer - so you have everything completely in set: Adapter for T2 adapter for M48 and helical focuser for visual observation.

The coma corrector has a visual Polystrehl of 0.98 at f / 4 and 0.96 at f / 3! So it can always remain in the telescope - then not only the Jupiter sharp, but also its moons.

  • Image diameter is 30mm - more power at 2 "and fast optics no sense.
  • Length of the pipe is about 85mm corrector.

To use the HR Coma Corrector visually, at least a displacement of 32mm must be present at the focuser when the focus is on the level of the focuser. For photographic use is critical - the HR Coma Correktor focuses to about 35mm further out.

Whoever comes with camera without corrector in focus, has no problem with corrector.

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