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Starizona Reducer Corrector Night Owl 0.4x SC
Starizona Reducer Corrector Night Owl 0.4x SC
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Night Owl Reducer/Corrector lens provides a wide field of view and fast focal ratio for deep-sky imaging, especially for real-time imaging, "electronically-assisted astronomy" or EAA.

The Night Owl works with standard Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (not Celestron EdgeHD or Meade ACF models).

With the 0.4x focal reduction factor, the field of view becomes 2.5x wider and exposure times are reduced by 6.25x! This allows you to capture amazing detail with very short exposures.

Pictures on the left:

  • M51: Celestron SC8 and ZWO ASI183MC Pro.
  • M97: Celestron SC925 and ZWO ASI290MC, which is an uncooled and inexpensive camera!
  • M42: Celestron SC8 with an Atik 490EX monochrome camera using H-alpha and OIII narrowband filters. Total exposure time is only 10 minutes!

The Night Owl 0.4x Reducer uses a 4-element optical design to provide excellent image quality over a 16mm image circle. The backfocus distance of 38.5mm allows the use of many popular one-shot-color CMOS and CCD cameras.

The focal reducer is housed in a 2" diameter body and will fit into any standard 2" visual back or focuser on the rear of an SCT. The camera side connection is a standard M42 T-thread. There are M48 threads on the telescope side for using a standard 2" filter.


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