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TS Optics Spianatore di campo PhotoLine 1,0x
TS Optics Spianatore di campo PhotoLine 1,0x
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Descrizione prodotto:

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This fieldfloor is calculated for the 60mm Apos of the series PhotoLine.

  • Connection to the telescope side via the M54x0.75 external thread. The corrector fits directly into the internal thread of these extracts. No sticking and therefore no tilting.
  • Including 360 ° rotation system with M54 connector on both sides for a perfect positioning of the camera to the object. The flattener can also be screwed directly to the pullout without a rotation system.
  • The corrector is calculated especially for the compact and bright Reiseapos with 60 mm opening and brings optimal results with these telescopes.
  • M48x0.75 photo connector on the camera side provides 15% better illumination than T2 and also allows the use of full-format sensors.
  • Working distance of 55 mm from the M48 thread. With a suitable T-adapter, you can automatically reach the correct distance with a DSLR. If you remove the intermediate ring, you increase the working distance to 70 mm and can thus adapt to any astro cameras.
  • The proofreader is fully multivergetet. In addition, absolute reflection freedom is achieved by a matt black anti-reflective interior coating. The image thus offers a very high contrast, which is also in the day photography (landscape, birds ...) accommodates.

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