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euro EMC Colonna 1400 mm per stativo S130

Prodotto n.: 47095
Produttore: euro EMC

$ 550,00

IVA incl.
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euro EMC Colonna 1400 mm per stativo S130
euro EMC Colonna 1400 mm per stativo S130
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Descrizione prodotto:

Notare che questa descrizione prodotto è una traduzione automatica. Per maggiori informazioni contattare il nostro servizio clienti di lingua inglese.

Extremely stable and robust stand-column with 5mm wall thickness. Individual column length on request.

Note: Delivery without footboards.

The pillars stand S130: Effortlessly move up precise and stable:

The stationary use:

  • Why build a stationary column with a large construction effort with such an important anchorage in the ground?
  • Why a "property" construct and set at the level and position in the long term?
  • Just stand up! - The position is completely defined by the bottom fixation
  • Bears playing and largely vibration-free telescope 40kg weight
  • Up to 50 times higher torsional rigidity compared to the best German wooden tripods
  • Industrial German engineering quality

The mobile application:

  • Watch Within minutes
  • Always perfectly reproducible installation
  • Not massive but rigid: highest stiffness with moderate weight with intelligent material distribution
  • The power supply 12/24 Volt is housed in the foot: foot, column and mount are without loss of Nordung separable

The pillars stand S 130 allows you to configure your application itself.

You need:

  • the foot
  • a column in the desired length
  • an adapter for your mount

Plus, there's other useful accessories. You can find all of this when you enter the serial label Euro-EMC S130 above in the search box. We advise you but also very happy.

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