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AstroMedia Stazione meteo Il barometro di Goethe

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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Goethe table barometer, also called weather glass or thunder glass , consists of a ball, which is partly filled with water and has a neck starting at the bottom, which leads upwards to the atmosphere and is open.

When the air pressure rises, the bubble of air in the barometer ball is compressed, and that changes the water level: it rises in the ball, it falls in the neck. Since there is relatively little water in the neck, the rise and fall of the water level is particularly noticeable here.

Just as a mechanical barometer, this air pressure gauge is not, but especially beautiful!


  • Table barometer made of glass
  • Height about 16cm, width about 9,5cm
  • Incl. Filling tool, blue color and detailed instructions
  • Stable foam / cardboard packaging

Note: The thermometer is made of thin glass. It is therefore not a toy for children.

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