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Poster Der Adler-Nebel

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  • Format: DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm)
  • Material: 250 g glossy quality print
  • A MUST for space lovers!

Decorative print of an image from the Hubble telescope. ©NASA

The Eagle Nebula is about 7,000 light-years from the Sun. It has an apparent magnitude of 6.4.

The Eagle Nebula is an emission nebula (type HII) forming an open star cluster. It consists mainly of hydrogen, which could combine to form hydrogen molecules due to the low temperature.

About 20 light-years across, the nebula contains pillars of dust up to 9.5 light-years long with new stars at their tops, hence the nickname Pillars of Creation. The opacity of the nebula is due to silicate and carbon particles.

The mean age of the stars is around 800,000 years. For the first time, Hubble has provided detailed insights into the formation processes of stars that have never been observed from this perspective before.



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Deep Sky
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AstroMedia Poster Der Adler-Nebel
AstroMedia Poster Der Adler-Nebel

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