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Descrizione prodotto:

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Lets you attach a Laser Pointer to a telescope for use as an aiming device

  • Provides an easy alternative to peering through a telescope finder scope or reflex sight - green laser beam shows exactly where your telescope is pointed for convenient from the hip aiming
  • Spring-loaded X-Y adjustment screws enable quick and precise alignment with telescope
  • Sturdy and rugged ABS bracket holds the laser pointer securely and fits right into the dovetail finder scope base on most telescopes
  • Always use laser pointers responsibly - NEVER aim it or the telescope it's attached to anywhere near people, vehicles, aircraft, animals, etc. Adult supervision required.
  • A small thumbscrew on the included On/Off collar can be tightened which keeps the button depressed to keep the laser pointer powered while in the bracket. To turn off the laser pointer when not in use, simply loosen the On/Off collar thumbscrew

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