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Berlebach Adattatore per teleobiettivi Canon

Prodotto n.: 47784
Produttore: Berlebach

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Berlebach Adattatore per teleobiettivi Canon
Berlebach Adattatore per teleobiettivi Canon
Berlebach Adattatore per teleobiettivi Canon
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Descrizione prodotto:

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With the Tele-adapter for Canon 300/400/500/600/800 mm IS II and 400/600 mm mm IS I and the Berlebach-exchange plates (see "recommended accessories") are the Canon telephoto lenses at all UniQ / C- and Arca Swiss compatible quick release systems used.

The replacement of the original foot flung through the telephoto adapters from Berlebach with its considerably lower height reduces space requirements, which can be the Canon telephoto lenses packing much easier to transport. In addition, possible vibrations by the compactly built adapter from Berlebach significantly reduced and improved handling achieved through an optimized mass point.

To use the adapter, the four screws of the original Canon foot must be resolved with an M3 Allen key. With the same screws the Berlebach adapter is then attached to the lens. Thereafter, the release plate with two 1/4 "or a central 3/8" Münzschlitzschraube (s) is attached to the adapter. When using an original Berlebach-release plate adapter engages in the profile of the plate, so that the combination can be completely secured against rotation in the axis of the lens on a tripod head. Depending on the length of the removable disk, this is for balancing both when mounted on the adapter, as well as with the position in the respective quick-change system for the front and rear movable. When using Uniq / C AC drives from other manufacturers may lead to restrictions latter benefits!

Note: If you have the 500 mm IS I, please indicate this when ordering in the comments box. For this message, the adapter has a different hole spacing.

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