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Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color

Prodotto n.: 44158
Produttore: Atik

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$ 6.200,00

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Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color
Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color
Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color
Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color
Atik Fotocamera 11000 Color
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Atik 11000 is a high-resolution, cooled large-format camera, designed for demanding astro-photographers.

With a sensor size of 37x26 millimeters, this camera is the biggest horse in the stable of Atik. With it you succeed exciting high-resolution images that can be enjoyed not only on the screen, but even on A3 paper or can print larger.

Atik built into this camera, the latest generation of KAI 11002 sensor from Kodak, whose glass cover is multi-coated. In this way, reflections are suppressed.

The Atik 11000 is as black and white or color camera available (Mono or Color).


  • camera
  • USB cable, 3 meters
  • Power cable, 1.8 meters with connection to cigarette lighter, universal power adapter
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and manual (PDF) Quick Start Guide in paper form
  • quality carrying case with foam insert

Special features of the Atik 4000 and 11000

Unlike the other cameras from Atik these two models do not use sensors from Sony, but especially for large format cameras developed Kodak CCDs. These have quite rightly a very good reputation in astrophotography. Kodak uses novel materials which are much more transparent than conventional materials in the visible and near-infrared area for the vapor-deposited on the chip interconnects. So Kodak has the sensitivity (quantum efficiency) significantly increase. However, Kodak can play to their optimum performance only with the use of sophisticated control electronics and advanced cooling systems. This is where the design and knowhow from Atik.

The Kodak sensors require dark frames for calibration and this must be produced at the same temperature as the main picture. The Atik 4000 accomplishes this through the temperature control by means of a two-stage Peltier element and fan. This achieves a cooling to 40 degrees below the ambient temperature.

For very demanding use or in hot summer months, water can be pumped through the camera's internal heat exchanger. How to obtain about 45 degrees cooling.

The efficient cooling minimized the thermal noise and reduce the occurrence of hot pixels. However, for this is the risk of condensation. Therefore, a highly efficient desiccant dries the air in the sensor chamber. On the outside, however the heating elements are used, so that among other things, the sensor window is not fogged. This heater is controlled by the camera software and adapted to the external conditions.

The Atik large-format cameras have been designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding users. At the same time they are very easy to use. You have only two sockets - a 2.1mm socket for the 12V power supply and a USB2 port for communicating with the computer. The cameras are not only compatible with the Atik capture software, but also with Astroart, CCDSoft and Maxim DL. For the Atik software minimum system requirements Pentium III PC with 28MB RAM is.

The Atik 4000 and 11000 allow astrophotography in uncompromising high-end sector simplest possible handling!

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