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Moravian Fotocamera G3-11000C1C Sensor Class 1 Color

Prodotto n.: 50313
Produttore: Moravian

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Moravian Fotocamera G3-11000C1C Sensor Class 1 Color
Moravian Fotocamera G3-11000C1C Sensor Class 1 Color
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Descrizione prodotto:

Notare che questa descrizione prodotto è una traduzione automatica. Per maggiori informazioni contattare il nostro servizio clienti di lingua inglese.

The G3-11000 CCD cameras from Moravian offer very good performance on almost all amateur telescopes for astrophotography. With a diameter of 44 mm, the camera can still be used well on stable 2 "eyepieces and corresponding correctors.The resolution with 11MPx and 9 μm pixels enables the imaging of even finer object details with a very large field of vision.The G3-11000 is an excellent Camera for practically all amateur telescopes.

Advantages of the G3-11000 camera:

  • Easy adaptation to the telescope or to the telephoto lens
  • Full format - Picture field as with 35 mm cameras
  • Mechanical closure (optimal for darks)
  • 2-stage Peltier cooling up to 45 ° C under ambient conditions
  • Exposure time from 200 ms to any
  • Camera sensor KAI-11002 with high sensitivity (quantum efficiency up to 40% - good sensitivity even in the red range)
  • Classic aspect ratio 36.3 x 24.2 mm or 3: 2 - for good illumination even with 2 "connection

Adaptation to the telescope: The G3 camera comes standard with a telescope-side M68x1 (ZEISS Level) connector. The distance from the M68 female thread to the camera sensor is 30.5 mm.


  • camera
  • Transport case with matching molded foam inserts
  • SIMS software
  • Connection adapter M68 (if no other is ordered as accessory)
  • Power supply with approx. 1.8m cable
  • USB 2.0 cable, approx. 5m cable
  • CD-ROM with all drivers and instructions
  • Printed instructions (English)

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