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Descrizione prodotto:

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The ALccd-QHY cameras 163, 174, 178, 224 and 290 are based on state-of-the-art CMOS sensors, with sensor diagonals up to 22 mm. The models are essentially different in terms of their sensor and pixel size, and whether they are a BSI (Back Illuminated) or FSI (Front Illuminated) sensor.

The cameras are very compact, which is particularly useful for smaller, portable telescopes, but even in special, technical components, a small camera is an advantage.

The built-in DDRII cache has a memory size of 128MB and ensures that no image is lost during the download. He is also the prerequisite to even with low-performing PC's and USB2.0, no image loss or even to be able to download a picture.

The sensor chamber of the cooled cameras is sealed and heated with a special heater. Thus, fogging is counteracted, especially in high humidity applications.

The sensor does not require a mechanical shutter, it works electronically. The model ALccd-QHY 174 with a global shutter , the other models with a rolling shutter .

The series includes various techniques of light detection, via BSI (backlight) or classic FSI (front lighting) . BSI sensors, such as those used in the ALccd-QHY 178 and 290 models, usually have a higher photosensitivity due to the characteristic properties of these sensors.

For operation, the ALccd-QHY cameras 163, 174, 178, 224 and 290 require a 12V power supply . The connection is screwable and stable connected to the power supply plug.

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