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QHY Fotocamera 5III-224c Color
QHY Fotocamera 5III-224c Color
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Descrizione prodotto:

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QHY5-III Series - USB3.0

Compact, Super-Speed, High Sensitivity, Planetary/Guiding Cameras

The QHY5-III series cameras are USB3.0 super-speed cameras and guiders. They can be used in a standard 1.25-inch eyepiece holder and have an adjustable location ring for confocality with an eyepiece. All QHY5-III series cameras come in a very small but powerful package!

The QHY5-III series employs an advanced thermal design. The heat generated by the CMOS sensor is transferred externally to the telescope's eyepiece tube. Additional heat is transferred to a heat sink on the location ring and cooled by outside air.

Software support includes: EZPlanetary, SharpCAP, FireCapture, Native WDM, BroadCast WDM and ASCOM.

The QHY5-III camera family includes the QHY5III174, QHY5III178, QHY5III185, QHY5III224, QHY5III290 and more to come.

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