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SBIG Fotocamera STX-16803 / FW7-STX Set

Prodotto n.: 49372
Produttore: SBIG

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SBIG Fotocamera STX-16803 / FW7-STX Set
SBIG Fotocamera STX-16803 / FW7-STX Set
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Descrizione prodotto:

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SBIG STX-16803: This is a dual selfguiding SBIG camera with additional interface for another separate Guiding chip. The imaging chip is a Kodak KAF 16803 Full Frame Chip with Antiblooming gate and microlens technology.

The STX series of SBIG:

  • New Self-guide technology by "differential guiding" for an external guide tube
  • Internal separately focusable Guiding Chip
  • Connection and control of an external Guiding Chip
  • Guiding parallel through the internal and the external chip
  • USB and Ethernet connection
  • large internal image memory
  • Power supply between 9-14 volts DC (also car battery)
  • multiple A / D channels and thereby the possibility of image download and image capture in parallel
  • improved cooling with a max. Temperature difference of up to 50 degrees Celsius, only by air cooling, additional water cooling possible
  • conventional drying cartridge and the additional option of the camera body with argon gas to "fill"
  • stepless control of the fan speed, in order to avoid possible resonances with the telescope
  • internal optocouplers, no external relay required

All in all, the STX-16 803 absolutely professional CCD camera for the amateur, as they had professional astronomers desired safe a few years ago.

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