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Starlight Xpress Fotocamera Trius PRO-694 Mono

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Produttore: Starlight Xpress

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Starlight Xpress Fotocamera Trius PRO-694 Mono
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Trius: cameras of the highest quality of Starlight Xpress

Starlight Xpress is known for its compact, innovative design with outstanding quality. The new Trius series continues this tradition. The cooled cameras for deep-sky photographers outperform their predecessors by Starlight Xpress in noise performance with consistently fast download times of approximately two million pixels per second.

Some of the innovative features of the new Trius cameras:

  • The built in camera USB hub allows you to connect up to three peripherals (5V DC at a maximum of 200 mA). This integration reduces the clutter on the telescope. About the RJ11 output, a Guider be connected.
  • The quality Trius cameras have a window of multiple tempered quartz.
  • The Peltier cooling system is the best for such compact cameras. A built-in fan to the back of the camera pulls air through small holes in the front. An additional fan is mounted on the side, to maintain the outer camera body in hot weather cool.
  • The chamber in which the CCD sensor is accommodated is filled with argon, in order to ensure that no moisture can condense on the CCD. The low thermal conductivity of argon also supports the cooling.
  • The adjustable adapter plate on the front side of the camera enables the parallel alignment of the sensor to optics.

Starlight Xpress uses only high quality CCDs of Grade 1 or better: No dead pixels, no defective columns!

With einerTrius- camera from Starlight Xpress you go into astrophotography high-end applications!

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