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Meade Guidescope Series 6000 50mm

Prodotto n.: 65791
Produttore: Meade

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Meade Guidescope Series 6000 50mm
Meade Guidescope Series 6000 50mm
Meade Guidescope Series 6000 50mm
Meade Guidescope Series 6000 50mm
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Series 6000 50mm Guide Scope is the perfect compact guide scope solution for your astrophotography. It conveniently fits in the finderscope attachment base for Meade apochromatic Refractors and includes a new base for use with Meade's SCT & ACF telescopes.

Autoguider cameras and control software now guide at such a high rate of accuracy that a smaller guide scope with less focal length can be used. This saves weight and provides a much bigger field of view, ensuring you will find a guide star no matter where in the sky you are pointed.

The 50mm Guide Scope employs a premium multi-coated doublet objective, edge-blackened for maximum contrast. A solid guide scope which does not flex is critical. That’s why we’ve outfitted the 50mm Guide Scope with 6 oversized adjustment screws in a solid dual-ring aluminum mounting bracket. Focusing is easy and accurate, thanks to the Meade-designed helical fine focuser, which keeps your autoguider locked in the same orientation when focusing.

Accepts 1.25” cameras, eyepieces, and T-threads. An extension tube is also included to accommodate a larger range of autoguider cameras.

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