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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OX369 Base cambio rapido panoramica

Prodotto n.: 46235
Produttore: Cullmann

$ 120,00

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Descrizione prodotto:

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CONCEPT ONE OX369 - QRC System panorama unit

Due to its outstanding stability, the new quick-release coupling unit CONCEPT ONE OX369 made of machined aluminium, is most especially suitable for the use of medium weight to heavy DSLR or video cameras with high-speed lenses. With the high precision spindle both clamping jaws can be moved simultaneously and thus enable quick opening and closing of the SK-unit and exact centring of the mounted camera. However, the most outstanding feature of the OX369 is its ability to perform a 360 degree pan. CONCEPT ONE OX impresses with quality and precision and is a reliable tool for any ambitious amateur and professional.

The quick-release coupling system CONCEPT ONE developed by CULLMANN gives the user just the safety he demands for his high-quality camera system. Precise clamping mechanism for central camera positioning and well positioned operating elements enable photographers or videographers to work comfortably and in a practice oriented way. Operating elements in the right positions enable photographers or videographers to work comfortably and in a practice oriented way. Mounted on a ball head or a 2-/3-way head, the integrated 360 degree panorama pan opens a "third way" for the user. This way one can set up for unique photo-shooting session, for both photography or videography With the 3/8 inch connection thread the OX quick-release coupling unit can be quickly and reliably mounted to any CULLMANN or commercial tripod head. Assembly tool included.
Three CONCEPT ONE OX quick-release coupling adjusting plates of different lengths made of robust aluminium are available for different applications or cameras. Besides the Standard SK camera plate OX390 there are also the adjusting plate OX394 with a length of 90 mm and the OX398 with a length of 200 mm, which are equipped with an integrated rotation lock. The complete CONCEPT ONE OX quick-release coupling system is compatible with most common manufacturers.
For the CONCEPT ONE OX369 quick-release coupling panorama unit we grant a 10 year manufacturer's warranty after registration.

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