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Cullmann Treppiede- testa a sfera CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V
Cullmann Treppiede- testa a sfera CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V
Cullmann Treppiede- testa a sfera CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V
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Descrizione prodotto:

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CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V - Hybrid Ball Head

Equipped with the revolutionary hybrid technology, which enables a lightning-fast switch from ball head to 2-way video head, the CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V is the perfect tripod head for use with modern digital cameras. Conveniently switching from photo to video mode, the Hybrid Ball Head CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V supports both recording formats, giving users the ability to use both photo and video - true to the motto: one-for-everything!

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For ambitious video recordings, the supplied video guide handle is mounted in the provided handle mount of the SK unit. Whether left- or right-handed, the video guide handle can be attached to four different positions and also set to the needs of the user. All CONCEPT ONE hybrid ball heads are made entirely of aluminum and provided with an abrasion-resistant powder coating against environmental influences and scratches. Further common all hybrid ball heads have an offset ball clamp - a so-called equatorial clamp. By locking the ball on the ball circumference eliminates the unwanted adjustment of the viewfinder cut when clamping the ball head. The CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V has an infinitely variable friction setting for safe working, especially with heavy, high-speed lenses and smooth video panning. The all-aluminum CONCEPT ONE OXC camera quick release system - UniQ / C and Arca compatible ensures fast and secure attachment of the camera to the hybrid ball head. The CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V model comes standard with the 90 mm SK camera plate and is particularly suitable for medium and large DSLR and video cameras.

Owners of CONCEPT ONE tripods have the option to attach the CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V directly to the center column with a 3/8 "mounting screw . This prevents unintentional turning off of the tripod head and ensures more safety when working. To mount the hybrid ball head on tripods of all popular manufacturers, the connection screw can be turned back into the ball head housing and fastened by means of 3/8 inch connection thread.

The hybrid ball head CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V is the perfect platform for digital cameras with photo and video function, especially for DSLR and CSC cameras.

Features CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V:

  • CULLMANN own development and own design
  • Lightning fast and easy conversion from photo to video mode using unique hybrid technology
  • Two in one: Sturdy ball head and precise 2-way video head for ambitious photo and video recordings
  • Offset-free ball locking due to stable clamping on the circumference of the ball (equatorial clamping)
  • Torsion-proof tripod head mounting by direct screwing on the center column on all CONCEPT ONE tripods
  • Safe and fast SK system CONCEPT ONE OXC (UniQ / C and Arca compatible)
  • Sufenlose friction adjustment of the ball lock
  • Completely made of aluminum
  • Abrasion-resistant powder coating protects against scratches and environmental influences
  • Suitable for medium-sized DSLR and CSC cameras as well as video cameras

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