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Novoflex ClassicBall CB3 II
Novoflex ClassicBall CB3 II
Novoflex ClassicBall CB3 II
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Classic Ball CB3 II - the upside-down ball head

The new version II of two very popular with professionals and amateurs demanding Classic Ball 3 is now available in an upside-down version. This is the first ball head of NOVOFLEX, which can be rotated by 180 °, is used. Thus, on the ball an accurate horizontal leveling, using the built-in ground Dragonfly done. Version II is equipped with a corresponding 360 ° -scale. Now you have the ideal introduction to the panoramic photography.

Technical features:

  • 360 ° scale on the bottom edge
  • integrated spirit level for use of the panorama function
  • three 90 ° vertical openings for the ball neck
  • reproducible at any time and notched Friktionsvoreinstellmöglichkeit by the AFC system (advanced friction control)
  • absolutely no change in position of the ball in finding due to design by completely new interior design
  • completely fat-free run of the ball
  • Precise workmanship using high-quality materials
  • The Classic Ball 3 II is recommended for camera equipment up to 8 kg.

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