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Novoflex ClassicBall CB5 II
Novoflex ClassicBall CB5 II
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Descrizione prodotto:

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New: The famous Classic Ball 5 is now available in the upsidedown version immediately.

The Classic Ball 5 II is after CB3 II now the second Kugelneiger of NOVOFLEX, who turned 180 °, can be used. Thus, on the ball an accurate horizontal leveling, using the built-in ground Dragonfly done. Version II is equipped with a corresponding 360 ° -scale. Now you have the ideal introduction to the panoramic photography.

As an innovative world first in ball head design offers the Classic Ball 5 II additionally:

  • three 90 ° vertical openings for the ball neck
  • reproducible at any time and notched friction presetting by the new AFC system (advanced friction control)
  • no confusing searching for friction, locking and panning knobs
  • absolutely no change in position of the ball in finding due to design by completely new interior design

Even at first glance convinced the Classic Ball 5 II with extremely precise and stable processing in discreet matt titanium look. The all-metal construction and the use of advanced polymer materials in accordance with the known NOVOFLEX product philosophy. For the first time realized in a spherical head - three 90 ° openings for the ball neck, which increase the vertical-adjustment of the head decisively. It is crucial that the three 90 ° -Hochformat openings require any compromise on the stability of the Classic Ball.

The focus of the development of ClassicBall the request of many professional photographers for a precisely measurable and repeatable friction adjustment stand (pre-braking) of the ball. This is achieved through the use of innovative NOVOFLEX AFC system, the latched setting the friction adjustment the blue in the middle of the ball head. So the photographer can adjust each correct pre-braking the ball before putting his camera lens unit. The previously Necessary "buttons and try" is omitted, the handling extremely heavy telephoto lenses is a cinch. On ClassicBall the clamping of the ball is carried out - in contrast to other ball heads of this type - without any change in position in the determination. This advantage is particularly appreciate macro and telephoto photographers who require precise adjustment of the image detail.

A built-in 360 ° panoramic rotation and the two camera thread 1/4 "and 3/8" are a matter of course on Classic Ball. Any adjustment of the Classic Ball have been optimized for operation under severe conditions. Even in cold weather, the photographer can set all the functions even when wearing gloves easily and control. By permanently lean bearing of the ball, a reliable use in feinsandiger or salzwasserhaltiger environment is ensured. The daily experiences and requirements of professional photographers at the handling have been incorporated into the design of the Classic Ball.

In terms of stability and vibration behavior of the ball head NOVOFLEX is not received the slightest compromise.

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