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Timm Kasper Fotoservice Supporto camera MoravianMount per Moravian G3/G4
Timm Kasper Fotoservice Supporto camera MoravianMount per Moravian G3/G4
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

Are you an owner of a Moravian G3 or G4 CCD camera and want to use it with your camera lenses? Until now you were only able to use lenses with tripod collar, because the G3 and G4 series offers no thread to connect the camera directly to the mount. The full weight of the camera and the filter wheel are charging to the lens mount. It is a load of more than 3 kilograms. This burden is not suitable for the most lenses.

With the MoravianMount now you will have the possibility to use any lens, even without a tripod clamp, with your G3/G4 (with internal, external or without filter wheel) without straining the lens mount. The MoravianMount keeps the camera securely within the handles with no blocking of the connectors and the air circulation. The bracket is mountet by a Vixen GP level rail on your mount. Optionally an Arca Swiss rail is available for connection to the most ball heads. Also an 3/8“UNC threaded hole is provided for mounting.

The camera is held carefully and securely in place by plastic grips.

Specifications of the MoravianMount G3/G4:

  • Suitable for all Moravian G3 and G4 models with external, internal and without filter wheel
  • All items of corrosion resistant materials
  • Surface protection by anodizing
  • All connectors accessible
  • Cables are held by cable strain relief
  • Fans are not covered
  • All camera contacting parts made of plastic or with protective film; no scratching of the cameras body
  • Connection via Vixen GP (Arca Swiss rail) or 3/8“UNC
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