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Geoptik Stonyhurst Disks
Geoptik Stonyhurst Disks
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Descrizione prodotto:

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From the perspective of the terrestrial observer, the position of the sun during the year Roationsachse changes (see picture right). Who projected through a telescope the solar disk on an area to observe sunspots, this change must be taken into account if they want to specify the location of the patch with correct helio graphic coordinates. Insert a suitable tool for this are special templates, also called Stonyhurst discs, each indicating a particular time of the year the coordinates correctly. This set consists of eight of these templates, which together cover the whole year.

The templates are very suitable for the Hossefield Pyramid, where they can be easily inserted. Thus, you can properly document the position of a sunspot and therefore the change of the local occurrence of the spots during a sunspot cycle.

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