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Levenhuk Mechanical Scale MS3
Levenhuk Mechanical Scale MS3
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

The Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale is designed for convenient moving of microscope slides on the stage along X-axis (left-right) and Y-axis (forwards-backwards). It is also suitable for determining the coordinates of the specimen area you'd prefer to examine. Using the coordinates, you will be able to quickly return to the area selected earlier. The control knob allows for coaxial control of all movements. Each axis is accompanied by an auxiliary nonius scale that ensures high precision of measurements.

The Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale is a removable accessory that is installed in place of slide holders on the dowel pins in the stage sockets, and is fixed with a screw. Installation of the mechanical scale takes less than a minute.

The scale is compatible with the following microscopes:

  • Levenhuk 2S NG
  • Levenhuk 3S NG
  • Levenhuk 5S NG
  • Levenhuk 7S NG
  • Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS
  • Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS

The installation is not recommended for microscopes that have plastic bodies as damage to the microscope may occur.


  • Movement range along X axis: 0–57mm
  • Movement range along Y axis: 0–30mm
  • Measuring scale division value: 1 mm
  • Distance between the dowel pins: 35±0.1mm
  • Distance between the dowel pins and the stage screw: 17.5±0.1mm
  • Dowel pin diameter: 3mm
  • Stage screw thread size: M4
  • Scale material: metal
  • Handle material: plastic

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