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Novoflex MagicBalance base livellante per TrioPod-PRO75

Prodotto n.: 56091
Produttore: Novoflex

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Novoflex MagicBalance base livellante per TrioPod-PRO75
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Descrizione prodotto:

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TrioPod PRO75
Probably the most flexible professional tripod in the world

The new professional tripod system TrioPod PRO75 impresses not only by its amazingly easy handling, but also by a hitherto unknown stability and a world-wide unique flexibility in the modular selection of the expansion stages.

Leveling calotte MBAL-PRO75
With the new MagicBalance PRO75 NOVOFLEX leveling head, the outstanding features of the MagicBalance leveling calotte are now also available in large format. The highly stable leveling unit with all-round 15 ° adjustment and one-hand operation with a locking lever can be used directly in the stand mount of the variable and modular tripod shoulder TRIOPOD-PRO75 and with 1/4 "-3/8" thread directly on tripods from other manufacturers ,

Thanks to the ingenious design of the leveling head is virtually maintenance-free and extremely smooth. We recommend the MagicBalance PRO75 not only panoramic photographers for the horizontal alignment of panoramic heads, but also as an ideal base under 3D tripod heads or modern Teleschwenker.

The TrioPod PRO75 system is the versatile and flexible professional tripod system for all photographers with heavy equipment!

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