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Levenhuk G50 2H 50 Stück
Levenhuk G50 2H 50 Stück
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Levenhuk G50 Single Cavity Blank Slides are designed for studying microorganisms using the hanging drop technique. These microscope slides are often used in microbiology and clinical and diagnostic laboratories. A cavity slide is an excellent choice for home use: it allows for examining alive microorganisms that inhabit lakes or ponds.

All the blank slides in the Levenhuk G50 set feature high transparency and uniform thickness. Polished glass edges ensure safe use. In addition, polished side edges eliminate inner reflections and side glare. There is a small cavity in the middle of each slide for placing a specimen in it. The set contains 50 blank slides.

The set of 50 pieces is available in the following variants:

  • with 1 cavity (1H)
  • with 2 cavity (2H)

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