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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

The Seletek system: The aim of Seletek is to offer a flexible and powerful system capable to control several astronomy accessories at the same time

Thanks to the system design and the ASCOM standard, it is possible to centralize several functionalities avoiding lots of cables, programs, manufacturers and, in one word, problems.

The Seletek Armadillo is Lunatico's astronomical peripheral controller

  • Focusing, up to two motors at the same time
  • Filter wheel managing, up to two at the same time or one filter wheel and one focus motor
  • Automated cooling fan control
  • Independent control of any controller pin, manual or automated (depending on temperature delta), useful not only for fan control but also for dew heater bands
  • Control of the VSI's "Zerotator"

Besides, Armadillo Version 2, also includes

  • a new, bombproof usb connection
  • firmware update dedicated mini-usb port
  • a more accurate temperature sensor
  • extra internal isolation for more security

It is the best controller to automate your observatory.

Technical specifications:

  • CPU: Atmel AT91SAM7X256
  • Inputs: 4 analog-digital inputs
  • Outputs: 8 power digital outputs (up to 1A/port), 4 in each port
  • ADC: 10 bit (0-1024)
  • Temperature sensor: Internal and optional external
  • PC connection: USB only
  • OSs supported: Any current Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 32 or 64 bits)
  • Power supply: 12 to 24V DC (depending on the motor used), typically 12V DC

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