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Star'Ex BR Kit (Basse Résolution)

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Descrizione prodotto

Build your first spectrograph yourself with Star'Ex BR (Star'Explorer). Use it to record the spectra of low-brightness stars - but also those of comets, galaxies or quasars! A distinctive feature of Star'Ex BR is that the entire visual spectrum appears in a single shot - from blue to red.
Star'Ex is a project by Christian Buil, who became known through the realization of projects like Sol'Ex. The Shelyak website has all the information you need to set up and use this tool. Print all parts with a 3D printer (or have them printed by specialists) and assemble the instrument including the optical parts of this kit. All the optical elements you need are in this kit: slit, lenses, parts for guiding...
With a small telescope you can already take low-resolution spectra of objects with low brightness. With this it is possible to observe the whole visual range - that means the continuum of the object, as well as the numerous absorption lines and emission lines. All these phenomena are signs of stellar activity.



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Shelyak Star'Ex BR Kit (Basse Résolution)
Shelyak Star'Ex BR Kit (Basse Résolution)
Shelyak Star'Ex BR Kit (Basse Résolution)

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