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Guide Camera termica TA435

Prodotto n.: 64000
Produttore: Guide

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$ 2.790,00

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Guide Camera termica TA435
Guide Camera termica TA435
Guide Camera termica TA435
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

Guide TA435 Thermal Imaging Device

TA435 helps to transform optic sight into a night vision sight, no re-zeroing required, easy to use, excellent imaging, compact and lightweight, durable, suitable to various environments. It's lightweight (380 gr), ultra compact with IP 67 protection. The TA435 performs well even at -30°C.

Unique optical design

It features unique stray light analysis and processing technology, reserved window edge and strict assembly standards to ensure accuracy and strong stability. The full-color OLED display enhances image quality, improving viewing comfort. Five scene modus suit various environments: quickly switch among default, city, forest, snow and desert mode with one button. The image will be adjusted according to the application environment to highlight the object. Also, four pseudo-color palettes (white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot) are provided to timely identify its location in the scene. This helps to achieve all-weather observations.


  • Switchover among five scence modes by one button, truly realizing all-weather environment self-adaptation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • OLED color eyepiece display, capable of displaying images in various color modes
  • Encapsulation IP67
  • Super sound-offand bright light Cut-off System, prevent exposure
  • Optional Bluetooth remote controller for easy operation
  • quick mount and no-shot zero (recommended magnification of the day scope/sight : 2-4X)


  • Outdoor observing and aiming, hunting
  • Law Enforcement

What are the advantages of thermal imaging devices?

  • Independent from residual light and weather conditions
  • Quickly produces a clear image over long distances and large areas of land
  • Improved first (opening) shot control
  • Successful and safe at the thorough search: heat source detection already at great distances
  • Avoid faulty shots: protection for the leaders of the herd
  • Control of the danger area before shooting
  • Reduces game losses
  • Best suitable to save young animals: assistance during scanning the meadows
  • Game age detection: different thermal images for summer and winter coats
  • Thermals bridges detection at the dwelling
  • Range of application by increased safety requirements (object protection)

For using this device on your scope, you'll need a RUSAN adaptor. Please contact us in this case, we are ready to help.

*Legal Notice: Before attaching to weapons check the regional legal regulations as to whether this is permitted in the field of application. The attachment to a weapon is always the sole responsibility of the user.

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