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Questo prodotto non è più in magazzino e pertanto non può essere acquistato fino ad ulteriore avviso.

NiteHog Camera termica TIRM-50 Caiman
NiteHog Camera termica TIRM-50 Caiman
NiteHog Camera termica TIRM-50 Caiman
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

TIRM 50 Caiman

With the new multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M50 Caiman you can continue to watch in more detail. The proven pixel pitch of 17 μm of the microbolometer refines the quality of the colored image and allows excellent visibility in total darkness, damp and foggy weather. The nitrogen-filled TIR-M50 Caiman is milled from a magnesium block CNC and equipped with our own, highest quality germanium lenses. The elaborate production and control of each individual optics guarantee quality and reliability. It can be used as a hand-held monocular with 4x digital magnification and as an attachment.

  • handheld or clip-on
  • 1 x optical and 4 x digital zoom
  • color display / colored image
  • stadiametric distance measurement
  • selectable image optimizations
  • Wifi-Ready
  • Standby Function
  • Power supply 2x CR 115A, 2x RCR 115, 2x 16650
  • included: 2x accu and charging device

What are the advantages of thermal imaging devices?

  • Independent from residual light and weather conditions
  • Quickly produces a clear image over long distances and large areas of land
  • Improved first (opening) shot control
  • Successful and safe at the thorough search: heat source detection already at great distances
  • Avoid faulty shots: protection for the leaders of the herd
  • Control of the danger area before shooting
  • Reduces game losses
  • Best suitable to save young animals: assistance during scanning the meadows
  • Game age detection: different thermal images for summer and winter coats
  • Thermals bridges detection at the dwelling
  • Range of application by increased safety requirements (object protection)

*Legal Notice: Before attaching to weapons check the regional legal regulations as to whether this is permitted in the field of application. The attachment to a weapon is always the sole responsibility of the user.

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