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Meade Collimatore Laser  1,25" & 2"
Meade Collimatore Laser  1,25" & 2"
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Descrizione prodotto:

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With this accessory, you can easily and accurately adjust the look of your Newton mirror telescope. Just insert the laser collimator into the telescope and you can see if the mirrors are adjusted correctly or not.

The advantage of a laser over the adjustment with eyepiece or the eye is obvious for reasons of accuracy. You can also adjust the telescope with laser in seconds in the dark after transport under the stars and always have two hands free.

Since the laser can be rotated 360 ° in the pullout, you can, for example, turn the laser towards you during the main mirror adjustment and see directly how the laser spot moves on the pulley. You then do not have to constantly go to the extract and see what effect, had the last adjustment or how the mirror has moved.

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