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Cullmann Treppiede Aluminio Nanomax 450 RW20
Cullmann Treppiede Aluminio Nanomax 450 RW20
Cullmann Treppiede Aluminio Nanomax 450 RW20
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The new NANOMAX series , the so-called 4 Series , consists of a total of six different tripods and a ball-headed monopod. The complete 4 Series convinces with even better quality, sophisticated detail solutions and a practice-oriented operation. A special feature of all new NANOMAX models is the triangular aluminum profile on the tripod legs and center column, which guarantees reliable anti-twist protection.

detailed description

High-quality materials such as anodized aluminum profile for the tripod legs and center column, a protective foam coating of the top tripod legs diecast aluminum for the tripod star, a simple, intuitive operation, a distinctive design together with the compact 3-way head RW20, this is the new entry level Tripod NANOMAX 450 RW20 .
Sophisticated details, such as the design of the tripod legs and the center column with its triangular aluminum profile, guarantee reliable protection against twisting and thus an extremely secure footing. For perfect macro shots, the NANOMAX 450 RW20 has a 3-fold angle adjustment of the tripod legs, including the macro-level ground level. The center column hook can be attached to the long and additionally short center column so that additional weights can be attached. The built-in spirit level in the tripod star as well as the modern and independent design round off the sophisticated further development of the well-known NANOMAX 2-tripod line.
The all-aluminum RW20 3-way head with proven camera quick coupling is the ideal tripod head for the NANOMAX 450. The robust camera quick release system of the 3-way head is secured by an additional locking lever and thus prevents accidental opening. The sturdy, aluminum-made camera plate with a non-slip cork cover, retractable video pin and ¼ inch camera connection screw gives CSC and medium-sized DSLR cameras a secure basis for fascinating shots.
With a pull-out height of 145 cm and a load capacity of 4 kg, the NANOMAX 450 RW20 is a perfect tripod for ambitious newcomers. By being, for a sturdy tripod with 3-way head, low weight, it is suitable for home and on the road and well suited for CSC cameras, small and light DSLR cameras and bridge cameras and camcorders.

Features NANOMAX 450 RW20:

  • Tripod star made of robust die-cast aluminum
  • Tripod legs and center column made of anodized aluminum profile
  • Protective foam cover of the top tripod legs
  • Practical 3-stage tripod leg angle adjustment
  • Integrated macro position for ground-level shots
  • Additional short center column for close-up macro shots
  • Anti-rotation of the center column by triangular profile design
  • Practical quick release clips for convenient tripod assembly and dismantling
  • Stable and secure stand with sturdy tripod leg clamp
  • Rotatable center column hook possible with long and short center column
  • In the tripod star built-in and easy to read bubble
  • Robust 3-way head made of aluminum with separate 3-way clamping
  • Proven camera quick release system with 1/4 inch connection screw
  • Camera plate with retractable video pin and non-slip cork pad
  • Additional protection to prevent accidental unlocking of the camera plate
  • Easy to read horizontal scale for precise panoramic shots
  • Standardized 3/8 inch tripod connection thread - also suitable for third-party manufacturers
  • Suitable for CSC and medium DSLR cameras and camcorders


  • Perfect tripod for ambitious beginners and climbers
  • Sturdy aluminum tripod with sturdy 3-way head
  • 3-stage tripod leg angle adjustment incl. Macro position
  • Proven quick release system with additional safety

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