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Descrizione prodotto:

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The ProPlanet IR 807 is designed to complement the ProPlanet IR 742, at very bad seeing and sufficient to telescopes light collecting assets.

Operation: The ProPlanet IR filter 807 cuts off the visible portion of the spectrum and opens only from a wavelength of 807nm. This on the Seeing is particularly sensitive areas of light are blocked and allowed to pass through the for seeing significantly less sensitive areas of longer wavelength light. Such an approach reduces the visible problems with seeing in the planetary and lunar photography, without significant loss of sensitivity on the part of the imaging sensor.

The loss of sensitivity for most cameras when IR 807 against the IR 742 is approximately one aperture, corresponding to 50% or vice versa means a doubling of the exposure time. The one millimeter thick filter is homofokal with all other Astronomik filters.

The filter is not sensitive to moisture, not aging and scratch resistant. It is supplied in a durable package.

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