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Replogle Globo Morgan 30cm

Prodotto n.: 73046
Produttore: Replogle

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Vintage, Elegant, yet Modern. The Morgan offers a unique look that is sure to appeal to almost anyone. A unique brown half-tone colored map complete with historical images of famous explorer ships provides a gorgeous setting for the world.

The unique soft “velvet-like” finish of the globe and the “raised relief” embossing that provides a 3D like texture, invite you to explore this globe with your fingertips. The map features over 3,500 place names with political and provincial boundaries that are distinguished using grey-toned lines while rivers and coastlines are demarcated using lighter grey tones. The locations of waterfalls and canals are marked along with the locations of famous explorers’ ships, placed in the regions that they explored. These notable figures include Christopher Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Cheng Ho, James Cook, and many others. The base is handcrafted from solid hardwood with a naturally charred finish that may vary from base to base. The antique brass plated hardware contributes to the globe’s age-old aesthetic. With such timeless colors and rich history, the Morgan Globe from Replogle’s Designer Series is sure to add old-world elegance to its surroundings.

The world classic maps shows major shipping routes and distances between major shipping ports. All shipping routes are measured in nautical miles.

The World class map shows famous explorers ships, Including Christoper Columbus “Niña” “Pinta” and “Santa Maria”, Leif Eriksson “Viking Longship”, Vasco da Gama “São Gabriel”, James Cook “Endeavor”, Abel Tasman “Heemskerck”, Charles Wilkes “Vincennes”, Charles Darwin “H.M.S. Beagle”, Ferdinand Magellan “Victoria” and much more.

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