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360 degree Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
Omegon Pro Triton torretta binoculare 1,25"
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Next Generation Binoculars: Focus on any telescope without extending the focal length
A clear picture for both eyes, with each telescope. Without tricks and optical lenses. The Omegon Pro Bino makes it possible. A new optical system makes it easy to focus even with newton telescopes and short refractors. And that without changing the focal length or magnification. Completely without a Wegkorrektor or Barlow lens, but with a fantastic good picture.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Binocular with beam splitter mirror: better contrast and less optical errors. The result: a much better picture
  • Zero back focus: you can reach the focus with every telescope
  • No path corrector or Barlow lens necessary
  • Even small magnifications with a large field of view possible, because the focal length is not extended
  • Twist-Lock-System: Your eyepieces are centered atomatically and clamped flat

A Bino for every telescope: zero backfocus
Normally every standard binocular needs a huge optical path of 100mm. That means: not every telescope is suitable for it. Or you need a corrector with a strong extension, which also extends the focal length. Not anymore! Use this Bino on your Newton telescope or any other telescope. Just plug in, focus and watch. Now you can enjoy the sky with both eyes through every telescope.

For the Moon, Planets and DeepSky objects
Put your favorite eyepieces in your new Bino. Whether a small, medium or large focal length: The magnification always corresponds to the respective eyepiece and is not extended. Even the field of view remains the same, as if you were watching in a very ordinary and monocular way through your eyepiece. The extra plus: Now you can not only use high magnifications for planets, but also small ones for extended deep-sky walks. Try that with an ordinary Bino.

Beam splitter mirror: The concept for better pictures
This Bino dances out of line! Completely different, it has a beam splitter mirror with 99% reflection and no prism. What do you have from it? This look offers you in comparison:

  • a better picture
  • more contrast
  • less artifact

Thanks to the mirror system less light goes down and you get bright pictures. Even at higher magnifications.

Sliding System: Perfect insight for everyone
Quite different: that Omegon Bino has a modern sliding system and no articulated bridge. With an additional scale, you can set your personal eye relief between 58 and 74mm exactly. Thus, the observation through the Bino is an experience for the whole family: Because with the smallest attitude your children can marvel at the moon and planets.

Twist Lock 1.25 ": Center eyepieces firmly and gently
That speaks for the high-quality design of the Omegon Binos: the Twist Lock 1.25 "adapter, which automatically centers your eyepieces and provides a firm and gentle grip over a large area of ​​15mm. Gone are the days when your eyepieces had deep notches because the thumbscrew slotted in Sleeve drilled Twist Lock ensures your eyepieces a long life and maximum enjoyment of the accessories.

Upright picture
The system of seven lenses gives you an upright image. With the Newton telescope completely without additional optical elements. For the refractor or SC telescope, we recommend the combination with the optional Pentaprisma for an upright image.

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