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Meridiana Aurora C

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Descrizione prodotto

Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn, the godmother of this sundial.

While the time on the watch is a man-made, timed, timed, Aurora reflects the natural course of the sun. When the sun rises steadily to its highest daily level in the south after its morning climb, it is noon and the sundial indicates 12 o'clock true local time (WOZ) of your place of residence. This true noon actually divides the day into two equally long halves and it now takes just as long until the sun sets in the evening.

Aurora is a model of our globe. A beautiful and easy-to-understand teaching object, with which one can vividly trace the origin of our timekeeping and the emergence of the seasons.

The plug-in kit of six parts is assembled in a few minutes to a stable sundial.

The oldest timepiece of humanity in noble design and precision craftsmanship - these are the sundials from Helios .



Adatto per latitudine
0 - 90
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Helios Meridiana Aurora C

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