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Meridiana Cielo Palladium

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Descrizione prodotto

Portable ring sundial with true local time display (solar time).

Rings Sundials date back to the golden age of sundials (16th-18th century). This design was also called the Queen of Sundials, because it is the only portable sundial without a compass that finds the north direction and is suitable for all latitudes in the world.

The sundial Cielo [ital. for sky] is the highest stage of development of the ring sundial, is easier to use and more accurate. And it is a model of the celestial sphere that actually lets us understand the origin of timekeeping from a cosmic point of view.

Above all else, the Cielo is of the highest quality: all the glossy parts are palladium- coated, the meridian and date rings are made of stainless steel, all scales and the aluminum timing ring with scratch-resistant lower anodized printing.

The ring sundial is collapsible for transport and storage and comes in a laminated hardboard with PE foam insert.

The oldest timepiece of humanity in noble design and precision craftsmanship - these are the sundials from Helios .



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Helios Meridiana Cielo Palladium
Helios Meridiana Cielo Palladium

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