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Meridiana Magellan

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Descrizione prodotto

Our daily life is determined by the change of day and night. Through the rotation of the earth, the sun moves tirelessly from east to west, constantly changing the place where our day star reaches its highest level at noon. The sundial Magellan shows in a unique way the course of the sun around our globe.

With the sundial Magellan you follow the solar hike with a midday bar, which you swing into the sun, until the shadow disappears to the left and right of the stirrup. Then the time bar is exactly above the longitude, at which moment the sun has its peak, there is noon. At a place on this longitude, the sun's rays are perpendicular, the sun is at its zenith. This so-called subsolar point is displayed on the midday bar: The sunlight penetrates into narrow slots of the temple and the subsolare point and the date can then be read on the brightest light segment of the light.

Arranged for the geographic coordinates of the location, the globe is always illuminated like our earth. In the everlasting play of light and shadow, you are tracking day and night, sunrise and sunset, daylengths, polar day and night. No other sundial has this great variety of reading options.

The Magellan can be mounted with its levelable pedestal directly on a corresponding pedestal. Accessories include stainless steel, marble and granite stands. Including mounting hardware, tools and detailed manual.

The oldest timepiece of humanity in noble design and precision craftsmanship - these are the sundials from Helios .



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Helios Meridiana Magellan
Helios Meridiana Magellan
Helios Meridiana Magellan

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