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Artisan 1024 Digital

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Descrizione prodotto

The Discovery Artisan 1024 is a portable microscope with a 5 megapixel digital camera . The device can be powered by a mains adapter or battery , making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Very useful, for example, when you visit a customer or want to examine something interesting directly on site. Also very useful for presentations and group observations, since external devices (e.g. a large screen) can also be connected. The capabilities of the device are also convincing in specialized applications: jewellers, geologists, coin collectors, repair specialists and appraisers can use the instrument equally well.

The microscope is equipped with a 10 cm (4 inch) color LCD screen that can also be rotated. The microscope image is displayed on the screen in real time. The microscope can take high-resolution images and videos. You will need a memory card to record, which you can purchase separately. The device works with microSD cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB. If required, you can also connect the microscope to external display devices, such as a monitor, television or computer. All necessary connection cables are already included in the set. Don't forget to install the supplied software before connecting the microscope to the computer. With the software you can use other functions, for example measuring lengths and angles of objects.

The microscope is equipped with an LED lighting system whose brightness can be regulated. The LEDs are arranged around the lens, so all observations are made in reflected light. A special polarization filter works against unwanted reflections, for example when looking at shiny things. The magnification can be continuously adjusted in the range from 10x to 300x, with the digital zoom that can be switched on, magnifications of up to 1200x are possible.

The set also includes a small tripod , which often comes in handy when observing. A practical bag to take with you and store away is also included.

Please note: In order for the software to work properly, do not start the installed application until the microscope is connected to a PC and ready for use.




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Discovery Artisan 1024 Digital
Discovery Artisan 1024 Digital

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