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Descrizione prodotto

Solar Astronomy is a wonderful introduction and reference for anyone interested in our star the Sun and particularly anyone interested in participating in the adventure of understanding the Sun by observing it themselves.

We live at a particularly exciting time in the study of the Sun with major, new space-based and ground-based, long-term full-Sun and high-resolution observations returning spectacular images and measurements, advancing our knowledge of existing challenges and revealing new phenomena of this fascinating dynamic physical laboratory, exemplar of all of the stars in the universe, and source of essentially all of the energy that makes life possible, ever changing on timescales from seconds to decades.

This all-encompassing, modern, and authoritative collection addresses the latest developments in optical, radio, and eclipse observations of the Sun and should be of broad appeal to the solar physics pro–am community, and beyond, providing the reader with the understanding and tools to be an active participant in the fantastic progress being made in our enjoyment and exploration of our neighborhood star.

In presenting the background and the tools for moving forward in our understanding and appreciation of the Sun, this book also makes available to the world the accomplishments of modern “amateur” solar physicists.

The authors are Christian Viladrich, François Rouvière, Jean-François Roudier, Norma Desprez, Patrick Pelletier, Bertrand Flouret, Jean-Jacques Poupeau, Jean-Pierre Brahic, Philippe Tosi, Harald Paleske, Peter Zetner, Bob Yoesle, Fred Burgeot, Fabrice Noël.



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Axilone-Astronomy Solar Astronomy
Axilone-Astronomy Solar Astronomy
Axilone-Astronomy Solar Astronomy
Axilone-Astronomy Solar Astronomy
Axilone-Astronomy Solar Astronomy

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