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DDoptics Visore notturno ULTRAlight 1x24 Mono

Prodotto n.: 61014
Produttore: DDoptics

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Descrizione prodotto:

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DDoptics Night Vision ULTRAlight Binocular Gen. 1+

The new "ULTRAlight" generation 1+ night vision devices from DDoptics deliver good image quality and resolution. Thanks to the integrated high-performance infrared radiator, even the darkest night is illuminated with maximum visibility. The binocular is due to its low weight of only 385g optimally suitable for hands-free use, but can also be equipped with an optional headgear. Despite its light weight, the plastic housing is very robust and dust and water resistant (IP33). The device is powered by two standard batteries (included) and allows continuous operation of up to 72 hours (without IR - with IR about 20 hours).

The 1-fold or 2-fold magnification of the Nachsichtgerätes allows the user an optimal depth perception and clear images. Like the big brother, the Generation 1+ device has an automatic shutdown when the device is exposed to brighter light.

Cheap yet powerful tubes

The used Generation 1+ tubes are very powerful in comparison. Visibility up to 90m is possible in conjunction with the infrared heater! Thus, the ULTRAlight night vision device is not only suitable for beginners, but meets all standards and requirements of the night vision application.

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