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GSO Tubi prolunga per telescopi RC 50 mm

Prodotto n.: 46249
Produttore: GSO

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GSO Tubi prolunga per telescopi RC 50 mm
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The extension sleeve is concluded between the telescope and eyepiece and is suitable for the 2 "focuser -Crayford the RC telescopes GSO.

RC telescopes by GSO have a long back focus, which allows the use of off-axis guiders and even systems to reduce the focal length. In many applications, this long back focus is problematic. The focuser must be fully extended and even then, extension tubes must be used. This is not optically or mechanically a recommended solution.

The advantages of this extension sleeve are obvious. The focuser is always in an optimal position. There is no damage caused by excessive leverage. The illumination is better for the free passage of the extension tubes is much greater.

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