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Armasight Visore notturno N-15 QSi
Armasight Visore notturno N-15 QSi
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Armasight N-15 night vision binoculars

This model is a true binocular with 2 image intensifier tubes, which makes the image more three-dimensional than models with a single lens/image intensifier system. This device was developed primarily for military and security authority employees, who need to have both hands free. For this reason this device is also supplied with a head mount. Of course this device is also useful for hunting or for caving. Thanks the large field of view and the realistic size of objects, these night-vision goggles are also suitable for nocturnal deer-hunting or exploring a cave where little or no light is available. When the ambient light is no longer sufficient, you can use the built-in infrared illuminator. If this still too weak, or it does not cover the entire field of view, you can use an optional powerful IR illuminator fixed to the side mounting rail. There is also an optional 3x A-focal ancillary lens. Both of these items can be found in the recommended accessories. The rugged housing protects the device from minor knocks. It is sealed against rain and high levels of air humidity. Extreme temperature conditions (-40 - +50°C) are no problem for the Armasight N-15.


  • Real binocular night vision device
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Thanks to the head mount your hands are free
  • Automatic brightness control with overexposure protection
  • Built-in infrared illuminator
  • Can be operated with either a CR123 or AA battery

The QSi (Quick Silver) technology gives you a higher resolution of at least 47-54 LP/mm, and you get a black and white image. This allows you to see more differences in contrast compared to conventional image intensifier tubes.

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