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Prodotto n.: 74071

Spettroscopio UVEX Spectroscope

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Descrizione prodotto

UVEX is a cross Czerny-Turner spectrograph optimized for wavelengths from near UV (<400nm) to near IR (1µm).

We recommend to use an ASI 183MM pro camera with the UVEX spectrograph.

It's particularly dedicated to be used on Ritchey-Chretien type telescopes with a diameter up to 12 or 14 inches (at F/8).

The settings are precise and easily accessible:

A multi-turn knob adjusts the focus of the M2 internal mirror precisely.

An index os used to adjust the wavelength center of the spectrum on the camera sensor. A vernier (available for each type of grating) makes it possible to precisely position the grating at the desired wavelength.

The UVEX is delivered with a 600 gr/mm grating blazed at 500nm as well as adapter ring for ZWO cameras (other rings for QHY and ATIK cameras are also available in option).

The spectrograph slit has 5 positions that can be easily changed using a Phillips screwdriver (supplied with the UVEX). The slit positions are for 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm, 300 µm and a hole of 25 µm. Other slits are available as an option and Alpy slits are compatible with UVEX.

A carrying case shockproof is delivered with the UVEX. It has pre-cut locations to safely transport the spectrograph with its camera, as well as various accessories (additional networks, order filters, tools, etc..)



Shelyak Spettroscopio UVEX Spectroscope
Shelyak Spettroscopio UVEX Spectroscope
Shelyak Spettroscopio UVEX Spectroscope

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