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Motic Zoom-Stereomikroskop SMZ-168-BLED, bino, 7,5x-50x

Prodotto n.: 69865
Produttore: Motic

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Descrizione prodotto:

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SZM168 series

Versatile Stereo Microscope Solution

The SMZ168 Stereo Zoom microscope represents the top-of-the-line model in Motic’s successful SMZ Series of stereo microscopes. Designed for a wide range of biological and material science applications, the SMZ168’s optical quality and versatile accessories will satisfy the most demanding user applications in both routine and research fields. From industrial quality control to biological preparation work, the SMZ168 is a durable workhorse model ready for a variety of applications.

Its Greenough optical system comes with a large zoom range of 6.7:1, parfocal at all magnifications. Its 5-position click-stop magnification mechanism, implemented into the continuous zoom, enables precise reproduction of magnifications, thus simplifying measurements.

An impressive 3-dimensional upright image, combined with an industry leading working distance of 113mm in its standard configuration, allows easy manipulation of the sample. Further, the SMZ168 can convert easily into a complete documentation station by combining it with a member of the Moticam camera series.

The SMZ-168 stereomicroscope provides a reliable, high-quality stereomicroscope for a wide range of potential applications. The Greenough zoom optical system with a zoom ratio of 6.7:1,one of the industries largest, provides a total magnification of up to 50x, suitable for most applications--addition of auxiliary lenses and/or eyepieces enables a magnification of up to 320x with a maximum possible working distance of up to 324 mm. Additional accessories such as polarization and dark field attachments further enhance the versatility of the SMZ-168 stereomicroscope.

Adding a Moticam microscopy camera enables the SMZ-168 stereomicroscope to become a complete documentation workstation. Options such as various stands, head holders, and articulating boom stands ensure that the SMZ-168 will fit perfectly into your workflow. Taken together, the SMZ-168 is a high quality, reliable, and highly versatile stereomicroscope for a wide range of environments and potential applications.

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